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Ventilation hose

PNC OEM Required Period Name Applicability 12204 12204-31030 01 09.2004 VALVE SUB-ASSY, VENTILATION 1GR..GRN225,245,250,265,270 12261A 90466-A0008 02 09.2004 CLIP OR CLAMP (FOR VENTILATION HOSE) 1GR..GRN225,245,250,265,270 12261 12261-0P010 01 09.2004 HOSE, VENTILATION 1GR..GRN225,245,250,265,270 12262A 90466-A0009 02 09.2004 CLIP (FOR VENTILATION HOSE NO.2) 1GR..GRN225,245,250,265,270 12262 12262-0P010 01 09.2004 HOSE, VENTILATION, NO.2 1GR..GRN225,245,250,265,270

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